Electronic invoicing

The dematerialization is the transformation of material information carriers (often paper documents) in computer files (which can lead to implementation of the famous “paperless office” in a company).

Dematerialize computer , means transferring to a digital medium of information that exist in analogue form (paper, film, microfilm).

The dematerialization can be used to manage fully electronic way of data or documents that pass within companies and / or as part of exchanges with partners (governments, customers, suppliers, …)

Detection of private tenders: testing the search tool

Save time and reduce your cost of prospecting Realize free research on more than 500,000 opinion advertisements through a search engine efficient and friendly: identify all publicity notice (CSLA opinion corrections, markets cancellation notice , award notice) in connection with your business and your catchment area.

Find easily and quickly the bidding private for your business: AAPC published BOAMP and PLAYS , opinion of MAPA regional councils, local authorities, hospitals, SDIS, unions and mixed companies, calls for projects and consultations launched by the private companies.
One subscription to receive tenders by email.

For more dematerialization related information and paperless office information please check out Dematerialization Facture() for all the latest info.

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A Quick Guide to Building Your Own Home Gym

buff not broke

Picture via Lifehack.com.

We all know that we should go to the gym and exercise every day, yet rarely do we do that. The problem is time.  The average American spends 9 hours at work a day and rarely has any time or extra money to invest in an expensive gym membership let alone drive there every day. Today on the Dematerialisation Blog we are going to talk about some simple ways to create your own at home gym.

We all know the equipment we need to include in our gym but one of the best things to keep in mind is space.  Having the right amount of space is essential to creating a gym environment that you enjoy using.  If you end up picking a small backroom you’re going to be limited and probably lack the adequate room to even exercise.

In a recent bodybuilding.com article we saw some great tips,

“Before we even touch equipment, visualize and choose your space. Ideally, you’ll have free reign to affect your gym’s look, feel, and sound. My training space is a two-car garage. The walls are painted, posters are up, the speakers are loud, and it’s basically built to keep me motivated.

Important note: I haven’t spent a lot of money building my sick training sphere. In this game, money isn’t king. I’ve made certain training tools myself. Others I’ve found on Craigslist, paying pennies on the dollar. I’ve borrowed from friends and family. I’m diligent about hunting for sales and used items at sports stores.

Only rarely do I pay full price for something if I can find it or build it cheaper. It’s important to have patience. A gym is something you can build over time, starting with the essentials. Once you establish your space and budget, you can begin to build.”

Basic gym equipment includes things like a stability ball or a dumbbells. These are the go-to home gym instruments that most people have lying around.  The next level is getting an actual squat rack that can double up as a place to do deadlifts, bench presses and other common strength building exercises.

One of the most important thing to consider about building a home gym is why you are actually building it!  If your goal is simply to stay healthy than perhaps a home gym isn’t the best choice for you – instead you could try something like just going for a quick walk around the park. There is no need to spend huge amounts of money on setting up all your equipment when you won’t be using it.

Lifehacker author Mark Anderson discussed this in his article Get Buff, Not Broke,

“OK, you’ve got your space, with or without mirrors, stereo, and floor mat. What about the actual exercise equipment? What you buy should depends on your objectives—weight loss, cardio fitness, strength training, or some combination thereof—but it’s not quite as simple as that. People looking to lose weight think it’s all about cardio, getting the heartbeat up and burning calories What they don’t realize, though, is that cardio exercises alone aren’t enough. After three weeks or so your body adjusts and you stop losing weight.

Instead, a combination of cardio and resistance training is best for weight loss and overall fitness—even though that message itself is sometimes resisted. My female clients often don’t want to do resistance training because they think it’ll add muscle bulk and increase body weight, but that’s not true. It’ll simply tone muscles and add definition.”

In a follow up interview with Denis Kang, a Houston personal trainer, he discussed the merits of home gyms vs just working out in your backyard, “A lot of people feel that they need to spend a lot of money to start their own gym, but really the most important thing is building up the motivation and willpower to workout in the first place. I always tell my clients to start in the park or in their backyard. Once they build that habit then think about building an indoor gym.”

We hope that this post brought some good ideas to light about starting your own gym or even starting to workout more outside.…

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How To Fortify Your Home Against Zombie Attacks

The secret to a strong fortified home is layered defense. The main goal is to keep the attackers as out of reach as much as possible. A classic example of a structure that uses this strategy is a medieval castle. Don’t worry because digging a moat is not necessary in order to survive a zombie apocalypse. All you need is a fortified home, zombie weapons and gear, enough food supply and other essentials.

Medieval castles aren’t built with huge surrounding stone walls for no reason. Those walls were meant to slow down attackers in order to have a better chance of getting rid of them. Turn your simple home into a strong fortress and you’ll have very little to worry about during the attack of the undead. The following tips will tell you how to fortify your home and build layers of defenses from the outside in.


Starting from the outermost layer, this layer should be a strong wall that can withstand a force similar to a hurricane. Zombies don’t get tired and they can punch and attack this wall forever if they have to that’s why the outermost wall must be the strongest. Install some trip wires and traps that can alert you about the activities or presence of anyone outside. Dig some ditches and trenches for these can slow down the undead. Cameras installed around the perimeter will help in locating the attackers. This makes it easier to know where to focus your weapons and artillery or explosives.

If cameras are a no-go, then an observation tower would be the next good choice. Build this inside the walls and it should be tall enough so you can see around your home. Set up a sniper deck and easily shoot the zombie attackers and they wouldn’t even know what they are encountering or where it is coming from. This is a good vantage point where you can keep a lookout for incoming groups.

fort home

Another necessary line of defense for your fortress are metal coverings for your doors and windows. Wood can also be used to board them up but note that it can easily breakdown. However, it can be reinforced with metal bars to make sure the attackers will be kept outside of your home. Cover the doors and windows from the inside, not from the outside because a horde of zombies can easily rip them out. If you have the budget for it, an alarm system that can alert you if anyone is at the doors or windows will come in very handy.

Your last line of defense are weapons and traps. Sound diversions will be useful in case of a perimeter breech. Install speakers and traps around your perimeter wall and play loud noises to distract and lure out the zombies. As a last line of defense, your weapons must be of high importance. Firearms are excellent but you have to have a huge supply of ammo. Blades, swords and metal rods with sharp objects at its end similar to a scythe will also come in handy.…

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Building material from France

Building material from France

158048_2c66eThe building cost in France is considered the highest in the world even though French architecture ranks highest in the world. France uses the best material and hence the demand for French building materials are famous the world over. Some of the items that are world famous are as follows.

  • Cement: Lafarge is the largest name in cements the world over. It has made its presence in over sixty one countries. This cement has been used in the construction of some world class buildings such as The Philamornie Building in France, the Millau Viaduct which is the world’s highest bridge and the international nuclear plant ITFR also in France.
  • Glass; Saint Gobain is one of the largest selling glasses in the world. It comes under the name of Heavy Building material which includes thickness-of-4mm-transparent-acrylic-plate-piece-of-DIY-organic-glass-model-toy-font-b-buildingtimber and panels, sanitary ware, plumbing, interior solutions and tiles. Saint Gobain sells world class sanitary ware products under the name Alterna and Altech. The Alterna covers a wide range of bathroom solutions and are not so costly which means that there is something for everyone. The Altech range is designed to meet plumbing and heating professional needs. Saint Gobain provides a wide range of tiles for the bathroom, kitchens, living room and terraces. Ceramic floor or wall tile is use in every application so it reflects one’s taste and improves the home appearance.
  • Solid Packaging: for this there is just one name that is worldfamous and that is Haver. They are specialized in filling loose and bulk material and provide customers a wide range of customized machines and plants. Haver valve bag technology is a premium and flexible packaging that can be used for a variety of applications. The Haver open bag technology is cost operative, operator friendly annual filling stations. These are for open, flat and side gusset bags made of paper, PP and PE combinations.

Build_banHaver and Boecker have been producing filling and weighing systems for flexible packing. This has been going on for over twenty years.

  • Chemicals: The Dekra Exam company is the largest company supplying chemicals. These chemicals are used in the area of explosion protection. The aim of the company is to provide world wide solutions through its high performance, optimum weight accuracy, savings in packaging materials and energy. Whether it is fertilizer, PVC powder or titanium oxide our packing and filling systems are tailored to do their best.
  • contemporary-venetian-blindsTimber: This is found in abundance in France. There are over one hundred and twenty six species of timber. This is because of the variety of soils and climate. The saw mills in France offer standard dimensions according to the customer’s choice. The timber can be dried, planed, finger jointed or edge glued. Hardwood suppliers
  • Stained glass: France boasts of many cathedrals with gorgeous and stunning designs like the Notre Damn and Sainte Chappale. In Paris. The story of the Good Samaritan and the Joseph Window are world famous stained glass structures.

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