How to Stay Safe and Properly Avoid Trampoline Injuries

We all know how much fun trampolines can be but despite, if not utilized in a safe manner injury can and will, occur. It’s important to understand enforcing safety guidelines when your child is on a trampoline especially if other children are involved. With a reportedly 100,000 injuries occurring every year in the US it’s vital to know the signs of when something can potentially happen. In this article we will review the best safety guidelines and tips to keep your family safe while playing on trampolines.

Importance of a Safety Net

There is a reason why trampolines come with safety nets and it isn’t just for design. Safety nets can greatly benefit when your child is jumping around at potentially high speeds. While it cannot protect them entirely, it can help reduce the chance of injury as they can soften the land if your child falls off the trampoline.

The great thing about safety nets is they come in different forms; some even equipped with zippers for added safety. But no matter how they come, they all serve the same purpose of protection and keeping your little one safe.

Object-Free Surrounding

The importance of a trampoline being setup in an area free of object especially hard ones, cannot be emphasized enough. Trampolines are typically setup in backyards as they provide more than enough space. However, we often place other things in out backyard for storage purposes or decoration. A trampoline requires extended areas of empty space due to chance of injury. If your child accidentally falls off the frame and rolls, they don’t need to worry about scraping, scratching, or being poked by something lying in the path. It’s always best to clear an entire area before deciding to place a trampoline in the space.

The One Child at a Time Rule

This rule is exactly what it sounds like, one child play at a time. Sure, it sounds ideal however many parents do not enforce it. Obviously, this won’t be as fun for your little one as the main idea of a trampoline is being able to enjoy it with their friends. However, it can significantly decrease injury all involved. While you don’t have to enforce it all the time, some of the time can certainly help. This will teach them the importance of playing safely and cautiously while helping reduce incidents in the long run.

Keep an Eye Out for Damage

Perhaps one of the most important tips, looking out for damage on your trampoline is essential. Because they wear and tear the more, they are used a lot must be inspected on a regular basis. Pertinent areas include the springs and the frame. You want to ensure the springs are secure and tight enough as to not cause any incident while jumping.

The frame should also be free of rust and sturdy which also ensures it won’t break apart or fall through while jumping is taking place. Checking your trampoline frequently is highly recommended as this will help avoid any potential problems or injuries for your child in the future.

Implementing these tips and guidelines will greatly assist in prevention of harm or danger. It is important to remember trampolines are about much more than having fun, as they can too pose a risk of danger. For more information on trampoline safety or purchasing, you can find the best one here.