Manic Depression Signs to Watch Out For

Manic depression is just another word for bipolar disorder. It refers to mood swings or extreme changes in disposition, which are reflected in people’s behavior. The mood ranges from overly high or manic to overly low or depressive. Manic depression is a serious mental disorder that requires immediate medical attention. A person can be diagnosed as manic depressive or bipolar if manifesting certain manic depression signs.

There are many manic depression signs that can possibly indicate the occurrence of mental disorder in a person. However, not every person with the disorder will show all the signs and symptoms. Even the degree or severity of the signs may vary. It transcends gender, race, ethnicity, social class, and age but starts more often by the late adolescent stage.

The manic depression signs and symptoms are classified either as manic, depressive, or mixed bipolar episodes. The manic episode is characterized by three or more of the symptoms occurring at an elevated rate of almost every day for a week or so. If there are five or more of the signs and symptoms lasting most of the day for a period of two weeks or more, the episode is said to be depressive. While the mixed bipolar can exhibit the signs together. This means that a bipolar person can feel sad and hopeless but energetic at the same. This is such a confusing feeling.

Some of the manic depression signs and symptoms that may be manifested by a person diagnosed to be bipolar are as follows:

  • Extreme happiness or elation
  • Sleeplessness or sleep deprivation
  • Wild imaginations
  • High energy level
  • Loss of focus and weakened cognitive functions
  • Unusual social behavior
  • Uncontrolled and incessant talking
  • Extreme irritability
  • Loss of appetite
  • Illusion of grandeur

Manic depression is generally caused by some changes in life that lead to ambiguous feelings that are hard to understand. Some examples could be childbirth, death in the family or an accident that left some with disability. It may also be triggered by sleep deprivation or substance abuse. Hope comes to people with manic depression signs with treatment. There are, however, people who suffer without being understood and thus end up in a worse way.

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Manic depression is alarming, but if detected early on, it can be treated. So if you’re worried that you suffer from it, try to find a solution as soon as possible and help yourself recover from it.